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Images containing simple human figures created by "Painting By Code" Version 2

Stick Figures

Creating a component for inserting human figures into a painting. Started off with a simple stick figure, then gradually made it more sophisticated in terms of joints, posture etc.

Stick Figures - caption
Filling Out the Shapes

Each of the construction lines is expanded into a polygon, some of which have rounded ends.

Filling Out the Shapes - caption

There are currently 62 separate parameters which control a figure's proportions and posture. These can be set to specific values to produce an exactly defined pose, or set to one of several preset randomization values to produce increasingly extreme random poses.

Randomization - caption
Placing in a Landscape

Adding a bit of colour and placing them into a geometric landscape


While developing the stick figures I used small circles to indicate the positions of joints and attachment points.

These reminded me of constellation maps, like this one of Orion, so I added a black background, semi-transparent colours, and a scattering of stars to make some constellations

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