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Landscapes with Houses

Landscapes containing houses created by "Painting By Code" Version 2


Creating some simple hills...


Working out how to draw a house...

Series 1

Putting one on top of the other and adding some colour.

The first series of house paintings don't have much internal colour variation, so the shapes are outlined to make them comprehensible. Some shading helps soften the lines a little.

Series 2

The houses now have a wider colour variation, so can work without the outlines. They have a more geometric facetted look, mostly without the clutter of windows and doors, so feel more abstract.

Series 3

I wanted to add a bit more interest to the skies, so these leave the foreground relatively flat while putting a bit more movement into the sky.

Series 4

After working on some code to created trees, I came back to these house paintings and put a few trees in here and there.

Series 5

I like the flat look of the preceding images, but wanted to see how they would look with some texture in the shapes. This is done here by filling each shape with a variety of regular and less regular polygons and circles.

Series 6

These create a different kind of texture by filling some or all of the shapes with text rather than with polygons and circles.

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