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Development and technologies

The "Painting By Code" software has gone through three major incarnations over the years:

Version 1

Written in C#, using Microsoft's .Net Framework and GDI+ for graphics.

Started off creating simple lines and boxes. Added an hsv-based colour model, and more complex lines and shapes. Developed various methods for filling the interior of shapes. Added some abstract and geometrical drawings. Used these to create some simple landscapes.

I paint as well as program, and have tried to make paintings from various images created by this software. The difference between the way colours appear on computer monitors and painted surfaces makes matching colours very difficult though. For this reason version 2 was conceived...

Version 2

Written in C#, using Microsoft's .Net Framework and WPF for graphics.

This was developed from the ground up with the goal of making it easier to create paintings from the images which it produces. Version 1 used colour in the way a computer understands it, which made it difficult to reproduce its colours in paint, so version 2 turned this on its head and had an awareness of physical colour palettes built into it at the lowest level. So not only is it able to tell me exactly what colour it had used in any part of a painting, it is also able to give me an exact formula for mixing it with oil paints!

Started off developing the new colour model. Added techniques for drawing various kinds of line and combining them into shapes that could be filled with colour. Devised ways of drawing a few simple objects (trees, people, houses, boats, vases, heads) to put into paintings. I like the flat areas of colour, but also wanted to see a bit more texture. So developed ways of filling shapes with other shapes, and then experimented with filling them with text. Created drawings that were just coloured lines: some of these are very geometrical, others designed to look like the kind of scribble a human would make.

Because it's goal was to make it easier to create physical paintings from generated images, version 2 is geared very much towards flat areas of known colour. However I found myself wanting to produce images with more use of texture and transparency, so conceived version 3...

Version 3

Written in C#, using Microsoft's .Net Framework and WPF for graphics.

This version was primarily designed to allow me to play with more subtle colour effects using texture and transparency.

So far I've mainly concentrated on developing different kinds of texture and using them in abstract and landscape images.

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